Tumwater Canyon Interactive Map

Tumwater Campground

Tumwater Canyon is a beautiful little spot that sits immediately west of the North Central Washington community of Leavenworth. The canyon was carved by the Wenatchee River which still rages through it today. It is marked by areas of thick forests, huge rock formations, and rugged boulders.

Driving through Tumwater Canyon takes about 10 or 15 minutes if you don’t stop. Stopping though is what makes this little part of Washington State memorable. If you are driving east-west across the state, or across the Cascade Mountains, US Highway 2 through Tumwater Canyon is a great option. It can be enjoyed at anytime of the year too, with different things to see depending on the season.

Tumwater Canyon can be a real treat if you like history, scenery, or outdoor recreation. It gets overlooked by a lot of people who only think of it as something to get through to get somewhere else. It has a lot to offer all on its own though.


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