Castle Rock


Many regular drivers of Tumwater Canyon cannot tell you where Castle Rock is. The parking area for this popular rock climbing area is not well marked and with all of the scenic turn outs in Tumwater Canyon, it sort of blends right in. Also, the steep walls of the canyon and thick tree cover keeps the rock somewhat hidden from passing motorists whose primary care is getting from point A to point B. If you’re not that kind of traveler. If you appreciate stopping and seeing cool sights. Maybe you can get a glimpse of the somewhat elusive Castle Rock. If you are into rock climbing then you will definitely want to make a stop at what many consider a classic Washington rock climbing location.


You don’t have to be a rock climber though to visit here. The trail up to the where the climbing starts can be a short but enjoyable trek. This is not a lazy and meandering stroll through the woods though. You have to remember about the steep walls of the canyon that we mentioned just a little bit ago.

The rock is divided into what is known as Lower Castle Rock and Upper Castle Rock when it comes to rock climbing. Lower Castle Rock can be approached from almost right out of the parking lot. You almost cannot get anymore convenient than that. To reach the point where you can climb Upper Castle Rock requires a short hike up the trail that takes off out of the west end of the parking area. There is a large ledge that divides the rock in half, known to locals as Logger’s Ledge, and this is the prime access point for beginning a climb of Upper Castle Rock.

Whether you’re a rock climber or sightseer, Castle Rock can be a fun little roadside stop.



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