The community of Leavenworth, Washington is nestled on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. This little city is quite the tourist attraction with folks traveling there all year long from all sorts of places. It is not unusual to stroll the streets of Leavenworth and meet people not only from nearby communities and throughout Washington, but from around the country and around the world too.

One of Leavenworth’s biggest assets is its geography. The Wenatchee River flows through town, providing opportunities for fishing, inner tubing, kayaking, swimming, and more. The Icicle Canyon is a special feature that stretches southwest out of town and takes you past interesting rock formations, through thick forested areas, and along a creek that can be raging early in the year and tranquil in later months. Tumwater Canyon is located immediately to the west from Leavenworth and it is home to all kinds of activities, while also being just a beautiful stretch of road to drive. Further west is the Stevens Pass Ski Area which attracts thousands of skiers to its slopes each winter and mountain bikers to its courses during the warmer months. Lake Wenatchee and Fish Lake can also be found by driving west out of town and they are both popular with people looking to get in some water recreation time. To the east of Leavenworth are the communities of Peshastin, Dryden, Cashmere, and Wenatchee which also offer great things to see and do. Leavenworth is just perfectly positioned to take advantage of all the great areas that surround it.


Leavenworth is not all about what can be easily reached around it though. This is one community that has a lot to offer right inside it too. The town is famous for a number of things, including its welcoming and fun Bavarian theme that starts on one end of town and runs all the way to the other. This theme is immediately visible in the architecture of every business and many homes. It is also evident in the types of things you can do there and sometimes even in the attire of the shopkeepers and restaurant workers.

Leavenworth is well stocked with great bars and restaurants. There is a long list of impressive places to go there to get the perfect meal or have the exact time out on the town that you were hoping for.


There are some incredible lodging opportunities in Leavenworth too. You can stay in some true top notch hotels. You can rent a vacation home that is just a short walk from downtown. You can rent a condo unit or house that is a little farther out and gives you a sense of independence and privacy. You can even rent a room right downtown above the famous shops and experience Leavenworth in a very rare way that few other people get to do.

When you look at all the things Leavenworth has to offer, both within the city limits and in the surrounding terrain, it is a real no-brainer why so many people head there each and every year. You can very easily make a trip there happen too. And it’ll be a getaway you will never regret.



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